The OOP & refactor project weekly report 11

During the last Wednesday to now I fixed some bugs on the new StrucutureController, and start thinking of refactoring the Import/Export module.

Files Covered In This Week

  • libraries/controllers/StructureController.class
  • db_structure.php
  • tbl_structure.php

Outcomes In This Week

Fix bugs appeared in the StructureController
While testing on the StructureController, we had found some bugs that cause some functions doesn’t work properly (bulk delete, etc). After tracing the execution of the code, I found that the the scripts we directly included/required use some global variables that are not available in that context. So most problems solved after adding global declaration to them. In addition, in the future I suggest we should remove these scripts by creating individual functions for them.

What Will I Do Next

Due to the import/export module is hard to decompose and derive controllers, we decided working on recovering test coverage first.

The OOP & refactor project weekly report 11

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