The OOP & refactor project weekly report 10

During the last week I refactored the structure.lib.php by creating the StructureController. So far, the controller was created and the remains being analysed.

Files Covered In This Week

  • libraries/controllers/StructureController.class.php
  • libraries/structure.lib.php
  • db_structure.php
  • tbl_structure.php
  • templates/structure

Outcomes In This Week

Create the StructureController
First I created templates for the PMA_getHtml series functions. After that, we decided to create a controller for the structure handle logics, therefore I created the StructureController. Functions that involved in the strucuture.lib.php will be moved into the controller. Some functions still require $db and $table parameter at this moment since the controller is in its initial phase. I will update the PR with optimisations and removal of the redundant parameters.

Move some functions to PMA_Table
Some functions like getColumnsWithIndex and getRealRowCountTable should be categorised as the table related functions, so it should be moved into the PMA_Table class.

What Will I Do Next

First I will finish creating and testing the StructureController, then I will start working on the Import/Export module.

The OOP & refactor project weekly report 10

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