The OOP & refactor project weekly report 8

Hello, during last week I majorly spent time on the TableSearch class. In the same time, I also tested and fixed problems in the TableGisVisualizationController.

Files Covered In This Week

  • libraries/controllers/TableGisVisualizationController.class.php
  • libraries/Table.class.php

Outcomes In This Week

Test & Fix on TableGisVisualizationController
Thanks to the community’s help, finally I can test my works on the TableGisVisualizationController. By using GIS data provided in phpMyAdmin official demo, I found a problem in loading the GisVisualization class too early.

About the Table class
To convert the Table class into a completely OOPed one, we must first achieve encapsulation on it. First I moved the PMA_Table::cache to PMA_DatabaseInterface class, and provide some functions to manipulate it.

What Will I Do Next

In the following week, I will finish working on Table class and TableSearch class. I will refactor the TableSearch class to TableSearchController as my mentor suggested.

The OOP & refactor project weekly report 8

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